Talk about an unusual pit-stop on the way to the Capital Region.

Mick Foley made an appearance at Heroes Hideout at Colonie Center yesterday for a meet and greet event.  But not before stopping at a nursing home in New York.  At first it seems like an odd place for a WWE Hall-of-Famer to crash (though I do know some people in nursing homes who can get pretty rowdy!).  However, it turns out he was making a wish come true and visiting an old family friend.

According to WIVB, Foley stopped by the Thomson Health nursing home this past Wednesday, Rocktober 9th, to visit a 92 year old fan who had a wish to see him.  That fan also  happened to be best friends growing up with his grandmother.  I love seeing legends, athletes, and celebrities do cool stuff like this.  You can check out some photos and more here!  Also- did you stop by the Meet and Greet at Heroes Hideout? Let us know!  You can even submit photos through the Q1057 app.