WFAN sports radio personality, Mike Francesa, fell asleep during an interview with reporter Sweeny Murti.  The best part about Francesa's nap - it was caught on TV.

Mike Francesa has been in the sports talk radio business for years.  I was a big fan of his former show, Mike and the Mad Dog, which ran for almost 20 years.  I can't knock the guy, he's a big player in the biggest game at WFAN.  You don't get there without pure talent.  However, even superstars have their moments.  During an interview with reporter Sweeny Murti, Francesa decided to take a little cat nap.


This brings me to the question - where is the craziest place you have fallen asleep at?  Not passed out from too much of the soda pop, but legit fell asleep at?  Me? Monte once fell asleep in a Q103 DJ meeting, with the boss to my right.  True story.  Ol' Jeffy woke me up with his laughter.


Francesa and I

Monte Q103