Ahh the amazing dreams of winning the lottery. Even if you win $10 it is exciting. Could you only imagine the excitement to become a millionaire with the NYS Lottery?

Hopefully the young dude will be able to put this money aside. I know if I won a jackpot of a million dollars I would maybe tend to some immediate things and let the rest sit in a bank. Go buy a brand new Camaro and maybe put a down payment on a new house and let that be that. Ultimately $1,000,000 isn't really all that much money any more which means you have to be all that much more smart with it.

Cool part of all of this he will be receiving tomorrow a gigantic over-sized prize check tomorrow from Yolanda Vega. According to News Channel 13 the 19 year old bought a Cashword scratch of for the earning and only did so because his relative plays that one. He bought the ticket at the Northline Road Stewarts in Ballston Spa right off Exit 12.