Your favorite robot from 'Futurama', Bender, has been made into a statue on Minecraft and he's pretty shiny.

Most know and love Bender for his sharp tongue, but Minecraft player Propank took his appreciation for the futuristic hunk of metal to an entirely new level. Kotaku reports that Propank not only built a pretty accurate statue of Bender, but that he did so in 24 hours AND recorded it, speeding it up afterwards for our viewing pleasure.

You can watch Propank go through 24 hours worth of building in just over four minutes in the video above. This ambitious player and Bender-lover even added a bottle and cigar, along with a sign that reads 'Bite my shiny metal a**" for more accuracy. This Minecraft Bender stand at 250 blocks high and is comprised of a whopping 50,635 blocks. That's pretty damn impressive.

Minecraft is known for -- well, people crafting almost everything you can think of using its resources -- and while this may be the latest installment, it surely won't be the last.