Minimum wage workers in the Capital Region will be getting a pay raise in the New Year.

As it is at the moment federal minimum wage stands at  $7.25 and hour. However, in New York state minimum wager workers have been currently making $10.40 and hour. In the new year that wage will increase to over $11 here in the Capital Region.

Beginning December 31st , 2018 minimum wage workers in Upstate New York will see their pay increase to $11.40 an hour. Workers in Long Island & Westchester will increase from $11 to $12. In New York City employers with 10 or less employees will now pay $13.50 up a $1.50 from the current $12 an hour. While larger employers in New York City with 11 or more employees will now be required to pay minimum wage workers $15 which is $2 up from the current $13 an hour.

According to RochesterFirst minimum wage isn't the only thing increasing in New York state either:

On January 1, the number of weeks eligible employees take off with a new child care for a sick family member, or assist loved ones when a family member is deployed abroad on military duty, will increase to ten weeks.

The Paid Family Leave Wage Replacement Benefit is also increasing. Employees taking paid family leave will receive 55% of their average weekly wage, up to a cap of 55% of the current statewide average weekly wage of roughly $1,357. The maximum weekly benefit for 2019 is $746.41.

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