And she did so, for the first time in the pageants history, without having to wear a swimsuit during the competition.

For the fourth time in the last six years Miss New York has been crowned Miss America!  Nia Imani Franklin was crowned 2019's Miss America at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City and she made history as the first Miss America to win the crown who didn't have to model a swimsuit during competition.

Apparently there was a big controversy over the decision to drop the swimsuits from the pageant which serves a scholarship program to young women. Nia Franklin will receive a heafty $50,000 scholarship for her win. Miss Connecticut, Bridget Oei, was first runner-up, which scores her a $25,000 scholarship. The second runner-up Miss Louisiana, Holli' Conway, gets $20,000.Third runner-up Miss Florida, Taylor Tyson, receives $15,000 and fourth runner-up Miss Massachusetts, Gabriela Taveras, gets $10,000. All in all that's a nice little chunk of change for these ladies to further their education.

Now what that has to do with a swimsuit competition is beyond me but I'm guessing axing probably didn't do anything to help the pageants television ratings.

Congratulations Nia, a.k.a. Miss New York, a.k.a. Miss America!