Albany Police are making good on their goal to crack down on the dirt bikes and ATV's that race around the streets of the Capital City. On Wednesday officers took four unregistered dirt bikes off the streets in reaction to separate incidents.

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Incident 1

  • According to CBS6 Albany. officers responded to reports of a group of ATVs and dirt bikes operating in the roadway, sidewalks, and grass. When they arrived, officers were able to stop two people, one on an unregistered moped, and the other on a dirt bike. Both vehicles were taken, and the operators were cited for violations of the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

Incident 2

  • Albany detectives saw two dirt bikes operating in the roadway on Grand Street near Ash Grove Place when they crashed into each other. As officers approached, one of the drivers fled on foot, the other was taken into custody. Both dirt bikes were taken by detectives and towed.

Incident 3

  • involved a crash into a school bus. When they arrived, officers learned that a group of ATV’s and dirt bike were traveling in the roadway when an ATV failed to yield for a red light and struck an occupied school bus at the intersection. The ATV fled the scene before police arrived.

Approximately 6 weeks ago, Schenectady City Councilwoman Karen Zalewski-Wildzunas stated that she wanted to put an end to the riding of ATV's and dirt bikes on city streets and incidents like the ones that happened today are the reasons why.

I'd be ripped if one of these ATV's smashed into my car or worse, imagine if they injured a child on that school bus! Dirt bikes and ATV's are made to be driven off road. They are recreational vehicles, made for specific terrain. Judging by what happened today, I question whether any of them actually know to operate these machines.

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