Normally around this time of the year, ol' Monte would dish his New Years resolutions to you.  However, I can't recall a year in which I've actually stuck to any of them!  Instead, I figured I'd give you a look back at some of the good times I had in 2011 as we welcome 2012.  A behind the scenes glance of Monte's 2011.

We have to start out with Q-Ruption!   Did you attend our huge show this summer at SPAC?  I was one of you 12,138 fans that packed the house to see Godsmack headline the biggest concert of the year.  I took the next day off from work to recover ;-)  Personally, Skillet was my favorite act.  You?

I had the pleasure of seeing a historic moment in baseball earlier this year!  Darcy from our sister station, Crush FM, and I  witnessed Derek Jeter getting career hit number 3,000.  We drove down July 8th - got rained out, found a place to crash and spent more loot to return the next day.  The adventure was more than worth it.

Ugh - that is all I can say about ol' Monte turning the big 3-0 this year.  Thanks to my mom for lighting up a billboard to tell the world my real age haha.

Not too long after seeing Jeter hit number 3,000, I got to live another little sports dream of mine - I toured Yankee Stadium and got to sit in the dugout!

Sadly, with the good times of 2011, comes the heartbreaking.  Hurricane Irene hit Monte's hometown this summer as well.  I can recall stocking up on supplies the night before and prepping like yourself.  When I woke up, all I saw was some drizzle, I didn't think much.  However, after watching the news, all I saw was devastation.  It would be nice to have 2012 free and clear of any more tragedies.


Towards the end of the summer, Country Scotty and I did what all grown men do when they go on vacation - we went to Coney Island. We saw our Valley Cats in action as they took on the Brooklyn Cyclones, we checked out the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone.  However, this guy HAD to eat a Nathan's hot dog.  Best part of the trip ;-)

To wrap up the year, I ran in my undies!  I helped host this year's Santa Speedo Sprint.  Flounder and Nick were there to get it all on film.  Man, I have some skinny legs.

Just a little sneak peak into what I do when I'm not playing the tunes for you inside the Q103 studio every Sunday from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.  I'm looking forward to an equally great 2012.  I can't thank you enough for tuning into Q and coming out and showing us your support at all of our events this past year.  From myself and the Q staff, I want to wish you a safe and happy 2012.  So, any crazy stories of you running in your undies in 30 degree weather?!