As if that fateful night in New Orleans didn't bring Nick Cage enough trouble, he could be in more now as he is facing child abuse charges.

Two weeks ago Nicolas Cage got into a bunch of trouble for being drunk and disorderly in New Orleans.   Turns out all the details weren't let out about the whole night.  During his drunken argument with his wife Kim, Cage was holding his son, who he dropped.  Now his son didn't suffer any kind of major injury and just got a small cut, but now Cage is being investigated on child abuse charges.

According to RadarOnline, a detective determined that no further investigation was needed. That however doesn't mean that someone from child services won't be showing up to the Cages door step.  Cage's wife Kim wouldn't allow the police to interview their son, but would that of really helped anyway? He is 5, he would probably want his dad arrested for not giving him seconds on ice cream.  Plus his name is Kal-El, you know like Superman's Kryptonian name.  I say take him away because of that.  What parent would do that? I know Nick Cage likes Superman, but does he go around calling himself Jor-El?  Who am I kidding, of course he does, he's crazy!