Motley Crue and concert promoter Live Nation are getting hit with a lawsuit over using the image to the Crue's Too Fast For Love album cover on hoodies without permission.

So who would think that Motley Crue would have to seek permission to use the album art for their own album that's been out for almost 30 years?  Turns out they do because right now they are being sued by the guy who bought rights to the original picture.

Ron Toma claims that he purchased the copyright to the photo and claims that Live Nation and Motley Crue are using the photo illegally on Crue merchandise.  He has asked a judge to block them from being able to use the image unless they start paying him some money.

The whole thing seems like a big money grab to me.  The Too Fast For Love cover is as Crue as it gets.   Classic albums like that go hand in hand with the bands.  This guy is probably living in his parents basement and bought the photo on ebay and is now trying to make a pretty penny on it.  I hope that the whole thing gets thrown out so that generations to come can enjoy the Crue the way I and the people before me have.