The debate rages on, do Mountain Lions live in New York State?

According to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Eastern Cougar, also known as Mountain Lion, does not have a native population here in the Empire State. So, why do people keep reporting sightings of the big cat?

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The Department of Environmental Conservation recently investigated a report of a Mountain Lion near a corn field in Western New York. The animal in question has similar coloring and body shape as an Eastern Cougar but homeowners were not certain but they did get a picture. Is it a Mountain Lion?

Environmental Conservation Officers studied the picture and even went to the location where the trail cam captured the cat. Officers created a life-size cutout of a Mountain Lion in the area where the animal was spotted to compare height, length, etc.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

According to NBC Connecticut a family in Woodbridge, CT had an encounter with a Mountain Lion earlier this week. These reports keep popping up so the investigations are worth the time and education.

As for the Western New York sighting officials have determined that this was a case of mistaken identity. The animal in question, as you can see for yourself below, is a cat. House cat, Ferrell, who knows but NOT a Mountain Lion.

If you feel you have spotted a Mountain Lion here's what to do:

  • Check for tracks
  • Take photographs if possible
  • When taking photographs of tracks, please include a ruler next to the track

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