Seriously? It clearly says "For Motion Picture Use Only" ...

The Best prop Money/ACP, LLC via Etsy
The Best prop Money/ACP, LLC via Etsy

Okay, I know that when you are stuck at a cash register taking peoples money all day  things happen and a mistake is bound to be made at one point or another. However, this just seems like a few people are not even paying attention at all.

I worked retail for a few years back in the day and I get it, legit there is nothing worse than having to cashier all day. However, with all my extensive cashiering experience ha ha I've noticed that the one thing employers are pretty particular about is making sure they are making money. I seem to recall some specific process we had to follow to check for phony money. Like, using a counterfeit pen on the bill and holding the bill up to the light to find the water mark.

So it blows my mind that multiple business have accepted bills that very clearly state "For Motion Picture Use Only" on them. I will admit that the bills do look very realistic but c'mon man how do you miss that?

Also, can we talk about how these scammers are totally making bank off their movie money. You can totally buy $500 of movie money for $7.98 on Etsy right now.

So as a word of warning to anyone that handles cash at their job or owns a business where your employees accept cash you might want to be extra cautious and warn your employees about phony money going around.