Recently, travel site TripAdvisor released their list of the Top 50 domestic summer destination spots [TripAdvisor].  The list was created from a survey of travelers, looking at factors such as previous travel, planned summer travel, costs, and more.  The exciting part of it to me is that New York had multiple locations that made the list!

For good reason, Lake Placid reached the #16 spot in the country!  As someone who used to spend much of my summer time in Lake Placid, and as a former alpine ski racer, most of my winter time up in the Adirondacks, I was able to learn just how much of a year round destination Lake Placid is.  A village full of winter Olympic history, the summertime offers two lakes (Mirror Lake and Lake Placid) to enjoy activities such as boating, water-skiing, or simply hanging out on a dock or beach. Multiple little shops line the village, along with delicious restaurants.  Hiking and outdoors activities are endless- the beauty of these being that most outdoor activities such as hiking are FREE.  And a fourth of July celebration in Lake Placid is nothing to pass up, with fireworks over the lake and people out and about.  Lake Placid also is a host to many activities year round, from events in the music and arts to the famous Ironman competition.

Falling into #3 on TripAdvisor's list is Lake George! With tons to offer, from shops, water-sports, camping, lodging, and even the Six Flags Great Escape amusement park, Lake George tailors to everyone.  I'm only questioning why New York hasn't reached #1 !

No matter where you go this summer, here's to awesome adventures, and all that New York has to offer!