I don't have many personal highlights of 2015, or at least I don't have many highlights that others would consider a highlight, but there is 1 that stands out as a legitimate highlight, it's not the time I walked around the office in yoga pants, or getting smashed in the face and beat in the head for "The 12 Days of Christmas," it was when I interviewed WWE Superstar Neville.

Neville was a great interview, he was easy to talk to, attentive and a genuinely nice guy. During the interview I found that, he was really enjoying our conversation, and it felt more like we were hanging out, then it felt like a awkward, stiff, predictable interview.

I was amazed at how comfortable he was during the interview, and that he was able to answer every question I had for him, even when I asked him: "What does wrestling smell like?"

Going back to what I had said at the beginning of this blog post, I feel that all of these are highlights.




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