In a crazy twist of irony, it looks like Metallica may now be answering to the very person who they worked so hard to shut down.


Thanks to Sean Parker's involvement with Facebook he went from down and out napster developer to a billionaire.  His estimated worth right now is about $1.6 billion.  Unbelievable. Well he is taking that money back into the music biz.  He is currently in talks to purchase Warner Music Group with a group of investors for around $2.5 billion.  The artists that are on that label are everyone from Green Day to Eric Clapton.  Also a part of Warner Music Group, heavy metal giants Metallica.

How crazy is it that the very person that they went after in the late 90's for illegal downloads could possibly have a controlling interest in what the band is doing.  Imagine that meeting?  How awkward will that be when shaking your new bosses hand, "oh hey, sorry about the whole taking you to court thing.  Glad to have you on board!"  Parker is a very smart guy though.  I think that he is willing to let bygones be bygones.  Wouldn't it be crazy if he released them just to stick it to them?  I don't think that would happen, and even if it did it's not like Metallica would have a hard time finding another home. Now nothing is set as of yet and so far this is just a rumor, but you can;t escape the irony here.  Lars must be going crazy right now.