Back off boys, the NBA dance teams are stirring up their own competition. Currently, the 2011 Dance Contest is taking place for the best NBA dance team.  The best part is you get to decide who makes it to the next round!

Today, voting is taking place for the Honeybees versus the Spirit Dance Team on the Western side, and voting's also taking place for the Knicks City Dancers versus the Nets Dancers on the Eastern side. You can view the videos of their most recent performance and cast your vote until 2pm today. The dates for the next voting rounds are  posted on each of the brackets on who's in line to be judged next.

Just so you know, I already put my votes in, but I'm not telling! Although I will tell you that I hope the Laker Girls take home the win.  Hot girls, sexy routines, can't go wrong with that! Maybe one day I can be one of them!