Yeah, Delonte West of Boston Celtics is applying to Home Depot for a job. Delonte made one million dollars last year. And now he’s hoping to make 13 or 14 dollars an hour at HD.


Unbelievable huh? Well, this is really his own fault. With the NBA lockout continuing many players are going to Europe to play ball and make a paycheck. But West is not allowed to leave the country. Do you remember why? Because when he got pulled over for speeding on his motorcycle in 2009 he was arrested for having 2 loaded hand guns and a loaded shotgun in a guitar case. Good thinking buddy!

In his defense, I understand that he is bipolar and I believe that he is on meds now. But should I be back in New England and Delonte walked up to me in a Home Depot and asked “Can I help you?” I think my answer would be “No thank you”.