My snow-blower is all tuned up, my shovels are at the ready, I've got a 5 gallon bucket of ice melt and my snow boots are ready to tromp through several inches of the fluffy stuff. According to the Old Farmers Almanac the prediction is for a "Never-Ending Winter" with at least several big snowstorms. Their specific prediction for our area is lots of wet, sludgy snow that will refreeze night after night.

If you look at The Old Farmers Almanac map for this winter the Capital Region is smack dab in the middle of the "Wet & Wild" zone of the country. I'm pretty sure that's a proper meteorological term.

Old Farmers Almanac

So what should we expect Thursday night into Friday morning as our start to our "Wet and Wild", "Never-Ending Winter"? According to several sources we will have a dusting to maybe an inch of snow. With up to 5 to 7 inches further north in the state. So consider this a snow pre-season game Friday morning. It also looks like we have our next snow already on-deck for Tuesday.

Welcome to our "Never-Ending Winter" and remember don't lift with your back, use your knees and always turn into the skid.