This spot was accused of some bad business practices since almost day one and now after being open for about a month Glory Dayz has been evicted and it's owner is being investigated for theft.

What promised to be a fun retro night club sure to give you a blast from the past generated some good buzz and excitement quickly fizzled amidst word of non-payment for the hired entertainment and rude comments from the owner toward patrons.

Glory Dayz which opened Labor Day weekend on Route 9 just off exit 13 on the Northway and has closed being officially evicted October 10th barely a month after opening. According to the Times Union the landlord of the property said that Michael Barry , the owner of Glory Dayz, owed $12,000 for four months' rent as well as utilities before even opening. After Barry failed to make even some sort of gesture of payment the landlord was forced to exercise a clause in the lease allowing either party to provide a 30-day notice of cancellation.

To top it all off the landlord alleges that on his way out Barry left with furniture, fixtures and other items valued at more than $16,000 that belonged to the landlord resulting in an active investigation by the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office.

Barry says that he has plans to re open Glory Dayz "very soon" somewhere else in the Capital Region despite all the drama with the original location and the fact that he is due in small-claims court in Malta where a vendor is suing him for non payment on decorations totaling $1,400 that he failed to pay for.

Do you think you will be visiting Glory Dayz should it reopen somewhere else in the Capital Region?