I "cut the cord" years ago and ever since I've streamed pretty much everything I watch on TV. Yes, I'm a binge watcher too. I devoured the latest season of Stranger Things in two day and love to zone out on a lazy day and watch a bunch of episodes of my favorite show or movies. As of November 12th streaming will change for a lot of us.

Last year Disney announced that they were launching their own streaming service and all of their big movies and TV series would be streamed there.....only there. It was a huge blow to Netflix. In addition, since Disney owns pretty much everything they would be putting together a streaming bundle that would include some of the other services they offer.

According to www.cnet.com the bundle will be $12.99 and it will include Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus. Disney+ alone would be $7 so it's a pretty good deal. Plus, if you want to see Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and Disney original movies and TV shows you have to have Disney+. None of those will be available anywhere else. So if you want to see Captain Marvel or Avengers End Game again you're only going to find them on Disney Plus from now on.


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