KISS fans rejoice! One member of the band has confirmed that there’s new material on the way. And with every cd, there’s always a tour to follow. Tommy Thayer was just interviewed at the NAMM 2011 and says that they are currently working on new material and hope to be recording in the next couple months. It’s rumored that Paul Stanley will be the producer as he was for “Sonic Boom.” If you’ve never seen KISS with the make up, it’s something everyone should do at least once before you die. Nothing against Tommy Thayer or Eric Singer, but if you grew up with KISS as I did, it’s always much better if you get the original line up. But as the Stones said, “You can’t always get what you want!” So, you take what you can get and be happy! At this point, I’m amazed that Gene and Paul can still walk around with those high heels. I mean seriously, when hanging around the 60 mark, it must be tough to keep your balance in those thing right? Ah KISS, the band I love to hate, AND love to love! One thing I loved about them was that they weren’t afraid to try and pull off anything. Even disco!