Scan as you shop checkout! Now this is a serious game changer.

Tesco Opens First Of Its "Fresh And Easy" Stores In L.A
David McNew/Getty Images

A couple weeks ago we told you about ShopRite appearing in the marketing material for the long awaited shopping plaza being built in North Greenbush. Well it is now official, ShopRite will be opening it's 5th Capital Region store at The Van Rensselaer Plaza in North Greenbush.

As if that news wasn't exciting enough news the TU is reporting that the grocery chains new location will be:

The first in the Capital Region to offer Mobile Scan, a free service that takes shoppers beyond the traditional self-checkout lane to self-checkout as you go, allowing customers to use the camera on their personal mobile device (iOS or Android) to scan barcodes of items as they shop.

What!?!? This is amazing news. I don't know about you but I absolutely loathe shopping, of any sort really, especially grocery shopping. However, I can totally get down with this. I can meander my way through the store at my leisure (which isn't really my leisure it's more like I'm lost and have no idea what I'm doing or where anything is) and scan as I go and NOT have to wait in a long check out line afterwards!

If you are old school and enjoy lines or you happen to be smartphone less don't worry the store says it will also include regular self-checkout lanes.

Anyone else as pumped as I am for Mobile Scan as you shop checkout!?!?

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