Hate going to the gym and starring at the wall? Like your workout in the fresh air but hate that you have to make the trek back to your starting point after going for a run or walk? Glenville has found the solution to all these problems.

If you are working on your fitness and, like many people nowadays, enjoy the variety of machines available at the gym but hate that you are stuck indoors staring at screens, mirrors, walls, and other sweaty people and would prefer to be in the fresh air. Or maybe you are just starting your fitness journey and haven't quite mastered how to time out your run/jog/walk distance yet to know when to turn around before getting tired.

Indian Meadows Park in Glenville has a new "gym" that might just be perfect for you! The park has debuted a new outdoor gym which according to the Daily Gazette was inspired by Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle vacation to Myrtle Beach a few years back where he and his wife went running on the beach and noticed a trail that every so often had different pieces of equipment along it for people to use.

After a couple of years of fundraising and a lot of help from some local companies and departments Glenville's Outdoor Gym has finally come to fruition and is now open to the public!

The equipment is meant to be durable enough to last throughout the New York winters, with weather resistance built in to each of the machines, such as shoulder presses and ellipticals.