March 18 couldn't come soon enough. The new "Pee-wee's Big Holiday" trailer is out and it looks epic, and if you're a Pee-wee hater and you don't care, then "I know you are, but what am I!"

Pee-wee is still my childhood hero that I still want to be today.

Pee-wee has an awesome bike, a playhouse where everything talks—even the house!

Pee-wee has a farm with a talking pig that he turns into a circus and now Pee-wee is going to have a big holiday.

Most importantly, Pee-wee is a character that has never changed. He has never been rebooted, remade, or reimagined. He is the same Pee-wee from 1985 and he is even wearing the same suit.

I want to be Pee-wee, and on March 18 I will get to be Pee-wee again, vicariously of course, but if you see me on March 19 and I am clean shaven with a brush cut and dressed in a gray suit, don't be surprised.

Then there is that whole thing that happened in a movie theatre, to which I cannot criticize because of what I do on the internet when I am not at work.

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