Using your cellphone while driving has always been frowned upon in New York.  I'll admit even I am guilty of this every now and then, but I do try to avoid chatting on my phone because it is a stupid ticket that I could avoid down the road (literally). Plus, if you're aware of my attention span, you would not want me driving and chatting away either.

New York has made the cell phone usage law much tougher.  Not only do you have to worry about a $100 fine, but you will also get two points on your license if you're caught.  If you were not already aware, you can get two points by texting too.

"Talking on a handheld cellphone will now have the same impact on a driving record as other moving violations like disobeying a police officer or flagger, failure to keep right, or driving on a divider or shoulder."  - Times Union

Perhaps, that gives you a little perspective on how serious our state is about preventing drivers from being tempted to talk on their cellphone and drive.  In case you were curious, it takes a 11 points to lose your license. It would be pretty embarrassing to lose your license over something so preventable. Plus, the price of your insurance can sky-rocket! With this economy, that is the last thing anyone needs to pay an extra price for.  I'm a poor college student, therefore, I'm not even willing to risk it, anymore.

If you're interested in learning more check out the Times Union article.