It looks like things are getting safer for kids on the school bus!

Drivers not stopping for school buses picking up, or dropping of children is a real problem. Even with the flashing lights and the stop sign arm extended from the side of the bus some vehicles just don’t stop….even when there are kids walking in the street.

Governor Cuomo has just signed a bill that will install cameras on the “stop arm” on the school bus that hopefully will make this school year safer and bring penalties to drivers that don’t stop.

"The safety of our children is paramount, and we are committed to ensuring our youngest New Yorkers make it to and from school safely and that motorists who endanger these students are held accountable for their reckless actions.”  Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

For drivers that fail to stop there will be a $250 fine. Before this was signed today by Governor Cuomo a police officer would pretty much have to see a vehicle not stopping to issue them a ticket.

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