In 2012, according to, approximately 34% of stolen vehicles were recovered if reported stolen within 24 hours of the theft. Most insurance companies will wait about 30 days before declaring the car gone for good. What happens if they find your car and it has been crushed? Literally a block of undrivable metal and steel.

A Capital Region man has been arrested and accused of stealing a car and then having the vehicle crushed for cash.

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On December 9, 2021, Troop G of the New York State Police in Latham got a report of a vehicle that had been stolen from a property in New Scotland. Officers conducted an investigation and were able to determine that the vehicle was indeed taken without permission.

The suspect in this auto theft case not only took the vehicle without permission, he allegedly took the vehicle to a scrap yard to sell. Typically one would need to prove ownership of a vehicle they are attempting to sell and the suspect appears to have used falsified documents to show ownership. The documents were convincing enough and the vehicle was crushed for cash.

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Earlier this week 37-year-old Mark J. Wallace Jr. of New Scotland surrendered himself to State Police in Coxsackie and was then taken to State Police in Latham for processing. Wallace is charged with:

  • Grand Larceny in the 4th degree
  • Criminal Possession of stolen property in the 4th degree
  • Falsifying Business Records in the 1st degree

Mr. Wallace was issued an appearance ticket returnable to the New Scotland Town Court on March 23, 2023, and released.

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