Sixx: A.M., a side project of Motley Crue bass player Nikki Sixx has a new album coming out May 3rd called "This is Gonna Hurt".  The album is a companion to Nikki's recent the book " This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography And Life Through The Distorted Lens Of Nikki Sixx". Hear all the tracks now.

According to Nikki Sixx the album as a whole deals with many raw, and human issues. Nikki talks about the album as " pulling back the veil on your internal truth". Saying, "We are who we are… Either poisonous and evil or honest and willing… Willing to make a difference… I haven't led the life of a saint nor do I intend on it now".

01. This Is Gonna Hurt

02. Lies of the Beautiful People

03. Are You With Me

04. Live Forever

05. Sure Feels Right

06. Deadlihood

07. Smile

08. Help Is On the Way

09. Oh My God

10. Goodbye My Friends

11. Skin