Mayor Jennings and the City of Albany announced yesterday that there is a new TV channel for city residents. This TV channel may not have a big fancy studio or major network technology, but it does have basic equipment to give the public an opportunity make your own discussion show, or experimental format.  It's on Time Warner Cable public access 18 and is available to all subscribers on the basic tier service. 

The studio is located in the basement of the main branch in the Albany County Library at 142 Elk Street.

According to the  website;  the public access channel is searching for non commercial videos (up to 2 hours) and genres  (documentary, animation, narrative, experimental, PSA) by area independent filmmakers and local organizations who are residents of the City of Albany.

There are also numerous FAQ's and guidelines to get your show or program on the channel.  On Saturday August 4th there will be a public access orientation session from 10a-12noon.