Let me start with this disclaimer- this is not a post bashing other girls, or saying that I'm better than the WWE Divas.  BUT, maybe you can help me understand.

I am on this ever-learning process about WWE.  I didn't start watching until later on in life, and have some huge wrestling-fan coworkers to thank here at the station for a lot of the knowledge I've gathered.

BUT, I'm also an athlete by background.  I was a Division I athlete in college, I lived and trained with Olympians before that.  By the age of 16 I was squatting 280 pounds and I leg press about 600 pounds now (I know I don't look like it, but trust me).  I'm scrappy and I'm used to frostbite and misery from ski racing and running marathons.  And at one point, I was top 500 in the world in a speed event.  So here's the thing.  These WWE Total Divas.

I have nothing against them.  Just, being the scrappy athletic power person I am, don't really get too intimidated by some of them.  Sure I'd be scared as heck to go up against Ronda Rousey.  I know there's some great up-and-comers, and then there's Nia Jax who I love.  But then there's some that I feel like don't intimidate me at all.  The Bella sisters, sorry.  Carmella, and Natalya not intimidating.  Back with Eva Marie, nope.

I don't know the moves, and that would obviously be a huge disadvantage.  But I'm a power girl.  I use my strength when I hit.  I was and am an adrenaline junkie and all about agility.  I've crashed countless times flying down a hill on skis at 75 mph and take those hits like a champ.  I figure a hit by a person wouldn't be much more.

So help me understand, because sometimes watching, I just feel like "man I want to get in there and fight too".  I'm not insulting these athletes (since they are athletes and strong), I'm not putting them down, I'm just putting it out there to get some feedback from our wrestling fans!

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