If you were wondering what is going on today in Downtown Albany by the Rep, wonder no more!

YouTube / Hidden Drone Videos
YouTube / Hidden Drone Videos

If you happened to be driving on Pearl St. in Downtown Albany today and noticed that there seemed to be a large police presence in the alley between the Capital Repertory Theatre and the Hollow Bar and Kitchen and thought that something crazy was going down, you are not alone.

While it looked as if a crime scene was being investigated it turns out if you looked a little closer you would have noticed that the emblems on the vehicles actually said NYPD and NYC Taxi. That is because what was actually happening was a new TV series was shooting a scene in the alley.

The series will be called 'Big Dogs' and it's based on a writer Adam Dunn’s futuristic crime books. Apparently they plan to have each season based around specific books from the series including Rivers of Gold, The Big Dogs, Saint Underground, and the forthcoming The Unfathomable Deep. According to Deadline the series:

Is set in a violent, decaying New York City torn by financial collapse, race riots, and a surging crime wave, where an underworld economy of illegal, debauchery-ridden nightclubs linked by a web of taxicabs is thriving.

I'm not exactly sure what that says about Downtown Albany but it's still pretty cool to see our city being used as the backdrop for TV series and movies. If you want to get some more info on 'Big Dogs' like who will be staring in the series and who will be directing you can click HERE or HERE.