Vermont and Massachusetts both have decriminalized marijuana, why not New York?

To me, it seems absolutely bonkers that New York has yet to become a state where weed is legalized. All of the health benefits and lives that can be changed. Whether it is someone with mental health issues or a cancer patient, marijuana is very helpful. On top of that, most people agree it should be legal. Luckily a few politicians in the state do too.

"In a blue state like New York, marijuana shouldn't even be an issue," Cynthia Nixon, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate, said. - NEWS 10

She will be running for governor this year and this could be something that will make a lot of people vote for her. She even continues in the article written by News 10 in saying, marijuana is a racial issue too. Legalizing it could solve that problem as well. We also heard Senator Chuck Schumer is pretty open to the idea as well.

I think we not only could be the next state but should and hopefully will be the next to legalize Marijuana.