One year ago we were warned of the Gypsy Moth's destruction of trees here in New York State. These specific moths gobble up leaves on a variety of trees leaving behind leafless trees long before the leaves would have fallen on their own.

Today we have a similar yet different issue effecting our Beech Trees. This time it's not the Gypsy Moth to blame. As a matter of fact officials aren't certain what is causing the catastrophe.

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According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, our Beech Tree population is in danger of dying, rapidly. Beech Leaf Disease has hit at least 35 counties in New York State and if yours isn't on the list yet, it could be soon. So, what is Beech Leaf Disease?

For one, BLD can kill your Beech Tree in less than 10 years. Sometimes as quickly as 2 years. The DEC is still learning how it spreads and how to treat infected trees. The way to know if your trees have been infected is to look for dark stripes on the leaves.

Photo by Julia Weihe on Unsplash
Photo by Julia Weihe on Unsplash

The decline of beech in New York could have far-reaching consequences, including significant changes to the composition of our northern hardwood forests and the loss of a valuable food source for wildlife. Beech Leaf Disease affects all beech, so the impacts would also be felt in our urban forests where ornamental beech trees, including the popular copper beech cultivar, are widely used for landscaping and street trees. - DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos.

If you feel your Beech Trees are infected reach out to the DEC. Report your findings HERE.

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