Oh man! Just think of all the shows you could see!!

Okay, okay, I know their is way more to the fair then just the shows but let's be real here. Chevy Court at the Great New York State Fair always seems to have a solid lineup of FREE shows every year and with a LIFETIME fair pass you can see all of them!

Think about it, tickets to a lot of major shows now days cost upward of $150 right? Well, on Monday you will have the opportunity to buy a LIFETIME pass to the New York State Fair for just $200.

For the first time ever the NYS Fair will be selling lifetime passes for a measly $200 however there is a limited number of passes available.. Monday, May 14th at 6am 200, $200 lifetime passes go on sale exclusively at etix.com. According to syracuse.com

The Lifetime Passes are metal, coin-shaped medallions good for admission for the pass owner on any day of the fair. The owner's name will be engraved on the pass, so only the owner can use it; valid photo ID will also be required at the gate to enter the fair

If the fair is your thing then the Great New York State Fair is probably one you make a pilgrimage to every year. I know I talk a lot about the tunes but this one has it all rides, games, live stock, the milk barn, shows, shopping, and of course ... the FOOD! If you want to get yourself a pass I suggest you set an alarm now, I'm sure these are going to sell quick!

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