The holidays are a wonderful time of year. The people I have encountered while out and about seem to be happier, kinder and generally speaking in a better mood than other times of the year. Maybe it's the fresh blanket of snow or maybe it's the music and lights of Christmas that have New Yorkers in a giving spirit.

The New York State Police have a warning however, be careful who you give to. Not everyone you encounter has good intentions. Here is one scam in particular that officials want you to be aware of.

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Many of us receive phone calls, daily sometimes, from numbers we aren't familiar with. I usually ignore those but if the call appeared to be coming from the State Police, you might be inclined to answer.

The State Police want you to be aware that they do not solicit citizens for donations. If you have received a phone call from someone posing as a police officer and asking for a donation, this is a scam.
According to a Facebook post, Troopers have received several calls and complaints from residents throughout New York State that individuals claiming to be affiliated with the State Police and or State Troopers are calling asking for donations.
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Troopers say, if you receive a call from an organization claiming to be affiliated with the State Police, know that the person on the other end of the phone is NOT a member of the State Police or representing the New York State Police. If you feel you have been scammed you can make a confidential complaint at 888-672-4555.

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