Troop G Missing Person Alert! New York State Police are seeing your help in a Capital Region missing persons case. Perhaps you have seen this individual, know this person or can share this information in hopes that family or friends can locate him.
According to the World Population Review, there are over 600 individuals missing in New York State in 2023. That's nearly 3 people for every 100,000 residents. We have more people missing in New York that 44 other states in the country with more reports seemingly coming in every day. This case was originally reported in January.
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Kevin White - Canajoharie, NY
Kevin White is a 41-year-old white male that is from Montgomery County, specifically Canajoharie. Mr. White was last seen on Thursday January 12, 2023. Kevin White is 6’2” and weighs approximately 185 pounds. He has reddish/brown hair and a beard.
New York State Police are assisting the Canajoharie Police Department and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office with the investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact:
  • Canajoharie Police Department at 518-673-3111
  • Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 518-853-5500
  • New York State Police at 518- 783-3211 York State Police York State Police

Reports indicate that well over half-a-million people are reported missing each year. The actual number is actually over 600,000 cases reported each year. York State Police York State Police

Last week we reported 2 other missing persons cases with both individuals found safe. The New York State Police have tremendous resources and very skilled Troopers that work on these cases but help from the public is always welcomed.

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