Sometimes we all could use a little reminder to let off the gas. Here is yours.

We are all leading crazy hectic lives these days. Mornings a rush to get out the door and get to work and evenings we are in just as much of a rush to get our errands done and get home. Doing this routine day in and day it's easy to want to just push on the gas a little harder to get to your destination a little faster even though speeding totally comes with it's consequences.

Well consider this your wake up call, reminder, notification to slow it down a bit. Mostly so that you don't have an accident but also so you can avoid getting a costly ticket. Next month New York State Troopers will be cracking down on speeding here in the Capital Region and all across the state

State police will be using marked an unmarked cars to catch speeders during 'Speed Week' which will begin on September 9th and go through September 15th. Drivers caught during 'Speed Week' will be issued tickets with fines that carry $45 to $600 fines. Plus, court fees and a possible insurance hike.

So maybe let off the gas a little or practice using cruise control and save a life, it could be yours.