Everyone has their pet peeves. Like someone that chews loudly, or drivers that don't use their turn signal on the road, or hundreds of other little annoyances that we deal with every day.

Career website Zippia came up with a list of the biggest pet peeves from all 50 states. They analyzed Google data on searches from each state to determine what each state's biggest pet peeve is. I have to say that either their methodology is flawed or they got some bad data because there's no way that burping is New York's biggest pet peeve. Sure it can be annoying, but how widespread is the issue of people just letting out a loud belch in public? I can't remember the last time that happened....it was probably me that did it.

No, in my opinion, this list is flawed and it doesn't represent what really annoys people in New York. Believe me I hear people in New York complain about their pet peeves all the time. So, even though I didn't do my own scientific research about New Yorker Pet Peeves I think this list is a better representation of our state. So here's my list of New York Pet Peeves.

Steve King's New York Pet Peeves

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