The NFL Competition Committee is in talks about experimenting with making the extra point kick a little longer.

At this point right now, the 'extra point' after a touchdown is pretty much a given and rarely missed. Some say it's not even challenging anymore and is a waste of time in gameplay.

Well, the Competition Committee and Commissioner Roger Goodell seem to agree. Last season, only five of the 1,267 extra-point attempts were missed. That makes the completion rate over 99%. It's because of this that Goodell has said the extra point could go away altogether. That is unless the league decides to go with the longer kicking distance.

If the NFL would enact a new extra point kick mark, where would it be? Right now the kicker hits from 25 yards out but the new rule could make them go out as far as 42 yards.

A member of the Committee talked with saying 'We could experiment in preseason, but we are not there yet.'