Yes that is correct.  The worlds most famous bail bondsman posted the actors $11,000 bond after his crazy rampage in New Orleans this weekend.


So when Nicholas Cage was arrested for being drunk and disorderly on Saturday in New Orleans I bet he didn't think that Duane "Dog" Chapman would be coming to his rescue.  That is exactly what happened.

I reported about Nick Cages arrest on Saturday night, but it wasn't until this morning that I learned exactly who it was that posted his bond.  Dog said that he is a dedicated fan of Mr. Cage, and with that mullet who would have guessed?

Dog also added that this is what he does for a living, so no one should be surprised that he is the one to post bond. I do think it a little crazy that Dog just happened to be in New Orleans to bail him out, but like he said he is a dedicated fan.

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