For many years, Vice has gone into uncharted territory to interview individuals you’ve never been exposed to before. In this new clip, they did it again, tracking down the elusive broad-daylight Nickelback fan to ask what they love about rock’s most divisive band.

An old adage of rock and roll asks, “Who the hell actually buys Nickelback albums?” Though Nickelback have sold over 50 million albums worldwide, it’s notoriously difficult to find someone who will admit even liking the band, let alone having spent money on an album. Like penguins during an unforgiving Antarctic winter, Nickelback fans congregated together for a special occasion — a Nickelback concert.

The cast of characters throughout this video is pretty excellent, ranging from a whole group of dudes wearing white shirts with Chad Kroeger’s face on the front to your everyday college ladies. One young woman said, “There’s two types of people in the world: People who admit they like Nickelback and people who are just liars.”

When the Nickelback fans were asked to name “their Nickelback” — aka a band they hated — the answers were all over the place, including one of Nickelback’s own discoveries, Theory of a Deadman. “Easily a Nickelback knockoff,” one young man said. “Easily, for sure. There’s only one Nickelback and you cannot reach their standard.”

One person criticized rapper Future, calling his music “too simple and everything’s the same.” “The lyrics they say aren’t that meaningful,” he added before defending Nickelback’s complexity. You’ve got to see it for yourself.

Check out Nickelback fans defending their beloved band in the clip above!

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