So, I am someone who can really appreciate a good Halloween display and this guy may have the best one in the country.

Alright, maybe you have a display of torn sheets and inflatable pumpkins. That's all fine and good but this guy had the police called to his home. Someone thought that they had stumbled upon a crime scene or a fatal home accident. A display that looked as if someone had their head lopped off by a garage door. The home owner even went as far to put fake blood on the door.

That, just saying, that!!!! Insane. Maybe a bit too far but wow!! So do you think that mid to late September is a touch too early to put out Halloween decorations? I mean I like the one above but I feel that should be one saved until the day of the holiday.

Lets see your display or an impressive one you have seen around the Capital Region in the comment section on facebook.


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