Planning to do some Fall hiking in New York State? Be prepared! Entering New York's backcountry is not to be taken lightly. Should you need a Forest Ranger for any reason have this number handy, 833-NYS-RANGERS. If you need urgent assistance, call 911.

Just this week 2 separate hiking parties needed Ranger assistance. One party got lost in the dark and the other, stuck in a swamp. Both of these situations occurred in the last 7 days according to New York State DEC.

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In the Dark - A small group of hikers from Ogdensburg, NY set a lofty goal of a 19-mile hike to the peak of Allen Mountain in the Adirondacks and back. The party started out at 10am. The good news is, they made it to the peak by 4:30pm!

Bad News is they didn't realize that sunset that day was at 6:47pm. They also didn't prepare with any lighting gear, headlamps, flashlights, nada. Forest Rangers reached the 3 and guided them back to their vehicle.

Photo by Kurt Von on Unsplash
Photo by Kurt Von on Unsplash

Swamp Thing - This incident took place in Rome, NY in the Sand Plains Unique Area.  DEC officers responded to search for two lost hikers. Even with coordinates officials could not reach the lost party so they began sounding sirens to guide them out. They didn't work either.

These hikers managed to get stuck in a swamp! As they attempted to make their way out the individuals kept losing their footwear in the mud and muck of the swamp. Rangers hacked through the thick vegetation and guided the party to an ambulance. The Rangers assessment was that it was unlikely that they would have found their way out alone.

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