The Walmart in Queensbury has had it's challenges in 2022. Several thefts have been reported this year, including one this week where New York State Police are asking for your help in identifying 2 individuals. See the pictures below.

According to Fortune, Walmart loses approximately 3 Billion dollars to theft each year. The Queensbury store in particular seems to suffer a larger loss per incident and now you can add a shooting, reported over the weekend at the Supercenter.

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News Channel 13 reports that police are investigating a shooting that allegedly took place at the Queensbury Walmart on Sunday. As a result, one individual is now being treated at a nearby hospital. If you have any information regarding this incident you are encouraged to call the Warren County Sheriff’s Office at 518-743-2500.

On Black Friday (11/25) New York State Police released surveillance images of 2 individuals and a vehicle that may have been involved in an incident separate from the shooting.

State Police are asking for your help in identifying the man and woman pictured below in relation to a theft from the Walmart in Queensbury. These suspects fled in the vehicle pictured below, which appears to be a dark gray Honda Pilot. York State Police York State Police

Pay special attention to the sticker on the back window of the vehicle. Similar to a tattoo, this sticker could help identify this specific SUV. If you have information please call State Police in Queensbury at 518-583-7000 or email York State Police York State Police

Here's a closer look at the vehicle as well as a face to camera look at one of the suspects. York State Police York State Police

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