Looks like New York may be following in the foot steps of our neighbors in Vermont and Massachusetts and could soon see the legalization of recreational marijuana...

It feels like the discussion to legalize marijuana in New York State has been going on forever but now it appears as though there is going to be some actions behind all those words. According to NEWS10 New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has appointed a work group who will be responsible for drafting up legislation that could have the legalization of recreational marijuana considered in the upcoming season.

You may remember that last January he had appointed a research group to study the effects of marijuana on the state? Well, the results of that study have been pretty favorable for advocates. The group made some suggestions to the governor following the study and it looks like he is now trying to figure out how to implement some of them. Saying in his announcement;

I have reviewed the multi-agency report commissioned last January and have discussed its findings with Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker. The next steps must be taken thoughtfully and deliberately. As we work to implement the report's recommendations through legislation, we must thoroughly consider all aspects of a regulated marijuana program, including its impact on public health, criminal justice and State revenue, and mitigate any potential risks associated with it. I thank the members of the workgroup for their time and expertise as we work to craft a model program.

Of course anything drafted up would have to pass the legislature before it could be come law but this seems to be a pretty big progressive step forward on the matter.