In order to make Time Square a more family friendly environment, the Mayor announced that they will be cracking down on topless women wearing body paint. 


Giant advertisements for soda, fast food, alcohol and violent sports are perfectly ok for families, so is a naked cowboy, and lingerie advertisement are no threat to the sanctity of a family environment.

Topless women wearing body paint over the front of their upper body is not ok, and will ruin the family friendly environment, that Time Square has worked so hard to establish.

I don't agree, because correct me if I am wrong, but boobs have brought families together, in fact, boobs are the reason why some families exist.

Boobs are also the reason why some families no longer exist, but for some reason I don't think you're going to hear about a married couple getting divorced over topless women in body paint at Time Square.

I don't feel that these women will be driving tourists away, I am proof of this, because now I want to go to New York City, and I don't want to be anywhere, where I can't see these women.

If boobs are so offensive to things that are supposed to be family friendly, then they should start drawing cartoons without boobs.

One thing that these topless women have in common with all the things you see at Time Square, is that it's legal.

I support the boobies.


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