Earlier this week, Of Mice & Men announced that they were canceling the remainder of their European tour, as singer Austin Carlile was suffering from more health issues that needed attention. For those who've followed the band's journey, you're likely aware that Carlile has endured a continual battle with Marfan Syndrome, which is a rare fibrostic connective tissue disorder. In 2015, he required multiple surgeries that kept the band off the road for a good portion of the year while he recovered. In a new Instagram post, Carlile has spoken about the latest cancellation of dates and fills fans in on his current state.

During their recent run of the Europe, Carlile attempted to play through the pain, but the band's last two shows were cut short as the singer was not able to make it through. At that point the decision was made for the singer to return stateside to address his physical pain. He reveals in his posting that his body and heart have been seizing up at times on this trip, and he's being admitted to Stanford University Hospital for tests to assess what's causing it. His post reads as follows.

As most of you know I battle daily with a rare fibrostic connective tissue disorder called Marfan syndrome. Due to recent issues arising from this, we have cancelled the remainder of our European tour. It breaks my heart but the band & myself have decided it was unsafe for me to continue on in this state of health. I'm being admitted to Stanford University hospital where my specialists have been informed & are prepared to figure out what exactly is wrong. I will remain there as long as needed to run tests & come up with an assessment of what exactly is causing my body & heart to seize up. My deepest apologies for those who were on tour with us & also those coming to our shows. I would never cancel unless a limb was falling off or it was endangering my life. Unfortunately it has become the later. Thank you to those who understand & support this decision, I promise to keep pushing & treat this as another hill to climb. My dad has flown from Costa Rica, & my team at Stanford are like family to me, so know that I am not alone. I also know I have all of you, & times like this reassure & warm my heart to know you stand with me as well. Please do not worry for me, there are multiple things more important happening in the world right now. Besides, God has a plan, all of this is in His hands at the end of the day and I'm ready for whatever comes next. - AC

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Austin Carlile as he goes through this difficult time and we send along our best wishes for a healthy recovery and an eventual return to the stage with his bandmates.