If you listen to Free Beer & Hot Wings you’re probably somewhat familiar with Wayland. Check out their interview with Mrozek to hear their music and find out how everything got started for them.

Wayland doesn’t just perform and travel together, but they all live together in the same house too. And remarkably, they all seem to really get along. If you hang around with these guys for just a few minutes you can easily understand how they do it as you couldn’t meet a nicer bunch of guys. And guess what? They have some great tunes too! During the interview you can hear an acoustic version of their song “On My Knees” and a kick ass version of Bob Segar’s “Fire Down Below”.

When you’re done listening to the interview, visit Waylandtheband.com so you can download some of their stuff. I believe these guys are definitely worth supporting!

Wayland - Part 1

Wayland - Part 2