Year in and year out, Brewfest never ceases to amaze me. Every year more beers/breweries, just one of the reasons to go this year.

Flat out the sheer amount of craft beers to select from is astounding. 160 of them will be on hand at the Saratoga Race Course tomorrow from 2-5 PM. I personally have a few breweries I am pretty stoked to try. One of them being Genesee. If you have visited a local beverage center recently you may have seen some other brews by them other than just their adjunct and light beer, oh and of course Genny Cream. Beyond that they have been making some other beers and the one they will be showcasing is Orange Honey Cream Ale which sounds awesome to me.

Another one of the breweries is Schmaltz, I have never had them and they are local so I would say Brewfest is as good a time as any to sample some of what they have to offer. That is the beauty in my opinion to Brewfest. You get to sample many beers that in stores you would pay more for just to find out you maybe don't like it. That is a worry you will never have here. Another positive is the weather for tomorrow afternoon will be in the mid to upper 60's. I believe that is ideal for beer sampling even though weather may not have anything to do with how tasty a craft beer is.

Will you be there tomorrow? If you don't have tickets yet you can grab them at the link below and see a full list of breweries and beers as well.


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