It has been quite the week for Greece, New York school bus monitor Karen Klein. A video of her being bullied went viral, and massive support has been shown.


The out pour of support for Karen Klein has been unreal. After the video of her being maliciously bullied by teenagers on a school bus went viral, people began to reach out, and give back. As of Friday morning, over $400,000 has been raised for Karen. So what does this all say?

After talking some people around the office, we think it's that people have just had enough of bullying. Kids yelling such obscene things are a 68-year-old woman was the last straw. Bullies were already a big problem, and obviously people are standing up to things.

Karen went on CNN's 'Anderson Cooper 360' on Thursday night, where he asked her about the incident. Cooper also had several transcripts of apologies from a few of the kids involved, but Karen didn't think the apologies sounded sincere. We would agree with that. The apologies sound like something the parents made them say. It's really a statement about how these kids are being raised.

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